Our new Odyssey Compass adds a whole new dimension to our product line. This sturdy stainless steel compass will help you find your way. Together with one of our sundials, you'll be a master of time AND space, with no need for batteries. The Roman numerals engraved on the Odyssey give it real flare and are for decoration only.

Shipped with a 31-inch black silk cord and complete instructions.

In the most famous Odyssey of them all, brave Ulysses faced many dangers the giant one-eyes Cyclops; the seductive but deadly Sirens; and the switch-goddess Circe, who turned half of Ulysses' men into swine after feeding them wine and cheese. His inner sense of direction saw him through these and other dangers. Not all of us have to face as many obstacles as Ulysses, but we can all use some help finding our way. Our Odyssey compass helps you do just that with accuracy and style, and it's built to last.

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