Explorer Celtic Bronze Sundial Pendant - Small

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Explorer Sundial Pendants


These charming pendants are the most three-dimensional of our working wearable sundials. This "equinoctial" model originally derived from the "armillary", a fixed spherical device that was used to teach basic astronomy. Our Explorers are handcrafted in sterling silver or brass by the finest of Quebec craftsmen.

 How it works...

You push the inner ring so it's perpendicular to the outer ring. Then turn the outer ring to line up the latitude with the tiny notch below the loop. Align the upper part of the bar to face north, and the shadow on the inner ring tells the time! The Explorer is a fascinating educational tool and conversation starter.  Our Explorer sundials are calibrated to work anywhere in the northern hemisphere.  Comes with instructions.

Historical Note:

In 1777 the Marquis de Lafayette presented a silver Explorer-type dial to George Washington as a token of his admiration and desire to fight by his side in the American Revolution. The Explorer was particularly popular with explorers and ship captains as it takes into account the latitude as well as the angle of the sun to give a more accurate reading.

Dimensions: 1 1/8” diameter, 1/16” think