Explorer Laurel Leaf Silver

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The Explorer laurel leaf motif sundial pendant, 1.25 inches/3.2 cm in diameter, is hand-crafted in Sterling Silver and comes with a 20 inch Sterling Silver chain, suitable for wearing as a necklace. Packaged with a color booklet of instructions, historical and educational information.

Our authentic Explorer replicas are based on spherical astrolabes built during the European Renaissance.  The first spherical astrolabes for telling time were made by astronomers and inventors in the Muslim world during the Middle Ages.

How it works...

Push the inner ring so it's perpendicular to the outer ring. Then turn the outer ring to line up the latitude with the tiny notch below the loop. Align the upper part of the bar to face north, and the shadow on the inner ring tells the time! The Explorer is a fascinating educational tool and conversation starter. The elegant design is available in several styles as well as in Pewter and Sterling Silver. Comes with instructions.