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Anno Domini


Shepherds Watch® is committed to the creation of unique sundials inspired by the universal gift of sunlight. This new timepiece is an ageless expression of simplicity and practicality in our rapidly changing world. The Anno Domini joins the growing collection of innovative new sundials created by master designer and artisan Harris Morrison.

The new Anno Domini garden sundial combines modern engineering savvy with Medieval good looks. This terracotta-red earthenware piece has a distinctively Medieval patina and provides an unusually accurate reading. It comes with a hemp rope and an adjustable sliding gnomon made from bronze .


  • Anno Domini Garden Sundial

    Anno Domini Garden Sundial

    Calibrating your Anno Domini by following the following instructions will ensure that your garden sundial works as designed for your particular latitude. Pick a nice sunny day to do your own calibration. 1. Set the gnomon based on the actual calendar...

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