Maya Sundial Pendant

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We keep going back to this piece and how much we love it! The Maya is the latest sundial in our line and it may be the one we are most proud of. 

The Maya pendant was created to commemorate the end of the Maya calendar in 2012 but, we now think it's the most versitile as a working time piece and as a fashion accessory.  It's a little smaller than the others, making it a little easier to match with differnet outfits. Good for days when you're not feeling the call for chunky jewelry. It has really nice lines. Smooth outer edge, and nice round body....
You can tell we like it!

About the design:
The “Tzolk’in” is the 260-day calendar used by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The Tzolk’in combines a cycle of twenty named days with a cycle of thirteen numbers (the trecena), to produce 260 unique days (20 × 13 = 260). This unique sundial has symbols for all 20 of the days. Inside of the pendant is inscribed a Maya saying, “inlakesh alakin” or “I am another you, you are another me.” Truly a unique, one of a kind sundial. Shipped with a 31-inch black silk cord and complete instructions.

How it works

On sunny days, suspend the dial by its black satin cord and aim the hole toward the sun. A ray of sunlight will shine through to illuminate a number on the inside of the dial, showing the time of day.