New World Series Sundial Ring Pendants

On sunny days, watch these sundial pendants go to work by suspending the dial by its black satin cord. Aim the hole in the side of the dial toward the sun. Through a tiny hole, a thin ray of sunshine shines through to illuminate a number on the inside of the dial showing the time of day. Available in several design motifs in Pewter, Sterling Silver, mixed Silver and Gold, and Gold in 10, 14, 18 or 22 karats. All Shepherds Watch dials come with instructions.

Historical Note:

Sundials were in widespread use in the New World, especially in the Mesoamerican city-states of the Aztec and the Maya. The importance of the calendar to all of the pre-Colombian civilizations cannot be exaggerated. These sundials are not true replicas, however. Most sundials in the New World were fixed and thus were not portable or wearable like ours. However, the design motifs engraved on our New World line of wearable sundial jewelry are all authentic.

  • The Maya Sundial Pendant Glyphs

    Maya Sundial Pendant

    SPECIAL SALE!! We keep going back to this piece and how much we love it! The Maya is the latest sundial in our line and it may be the one we are most proud of. The Maya pendant was created to commemorate the end of the Maya calendar in 2012 but, we...

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  • Aquitaine Aztec Pewter Sundial Pendant

    Aztec Sundial Pendant

    The new Aztec Aquitaine sundial pendant invokes the warmth of the Mexican sun. If you would like something a bit more delicate in appearance, this smaller slender Aquitaine is for you. This working sundial is expertly engraved with Aztec animal totems...

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