Nocturnal Celestial Stardial (Pewter)

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Nocturnal Celestial Stardial handcrafted in pewter.  This stardial pendant with its moving parts and metal dials is an eyecatching piece of functioning hardware.  Its presence manages to invoke both the distant past and the mysterious future.  The Nocturnal is shipped with a 31-inch black silk cord and complete instructions.  On the reverse side are outlines of the major celestial constellations.  

How it works...

Set the middle wheel to the month, hold the dial upside down, and sight the North Star through the center hole. Move the top of the dial's arm to align with the uppermost stars of the Big Dipper, and read the time on the inner dial where the arm crosses the hour mark.

* Please note, you have to be in the northern hemisphere to see the North Star in order to tell the time. 

Historical Note:

Perhaps the most accurate of all our dials, "star" dials were first used in the 15th century by navigators who told time by the position of the stars. They work so well because they are based on the North Star, which is almost directly on the axis of the earth's tilt and always appears in the same position in the sky. All the other stars seem to revolve around it.