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Click here to add a Stainless Steel necklace to your SunWatch:

Click here to add a Stainless Steel necklace to your SunWatch

A modern twist on an ancient solar time piece, for only $25 USD.




At times we enjoy having the latest cool new gadget and sharing it with family and friends and delighting them with something unexpected.  At times we need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect to our natural surroundings, family and friends. 

The new SunWatch is not like a fancy, expensive Rolex. It doesn’t have an alarm, or receive texts, emails or Facebook notifications. It's not an extension to your smart phone and you can’t get an app for it.  The SunWatch is a modern take on time telling technology that worked 1,000 years ago. 

Before iPads, iPods, cell phones, and watches people estimated the time by using sundials during the day and star dials at night. The SunWatch is based on the 1,000 year old time-piece tradition, recreated as the new modern wearable sundial for today. Using only the sun, you are able to tell the time. It's the only watch you’ll ever have that will never need batteries and has a 1,000 year guarantee!  But more than that, you can temporarily disconnect from technology and racing the clock, to connect with the sun and planet, your surroundings and others by sharing a unique time telling experience with family and friends. Shepherds Watch Sundials are also great conversation starters!

We worked over the last year to bring this new creation from Shepherd's Watch to life. We're very happy to offer it to you now. We're sure it will be a great gift for your family or friends of all ages, or even for yourself!


* Please note, the SunWatch is calibrated to work best close to 40 degrees north.  

Add a Stainless Steel Chain to your SunWatch:

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